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Huawei Unveils New Smartwatch with HarmonyOS and eSIM


The Chinese Huawei reached a not-insignificant milestone on Wednesday. With the Watch 3, the company introduced its first device with its own operating system HarmonyOS.


Huawei’s smartwatches follow each other at a pretty fast pace, and on the outside, the new Watch 3 doesn’t differ that much from its direct predecessor or the GT series. Although there is one clear change, the ‘digital crown’ is at the top right.

Much more convenient for scrolling through screens and menus than the touchscreen (which is still there, of course), but not particularly original: it was already on the first Apple Watch from 2014, and Huawei also conveniently took the haptic feedback from Apple’s digital crown (a subtle mechanical vibration while spinning).

Under the hood of the Watch 3, quite a few adjustments have been made. For example, the clock has eSIM functionality (see the box below this article), making it possible to make calls or use data while you just leave the smartphone at home. Handy if you go jogging and still want to stream music or just want to stay accessible.

However, the most significant novelty of the Watch 3 is the operating system HarmonyOS 2, which officially saw the light of day on Wednesday. It already looks very slick on the clock, although Huawei has clearly obtained the mustard from Apple for the grid launcher – say the screen with all installed apps.

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