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How to Choose the Proper Office Chair for Your Frame


Due to intense workload and increase in working hours, choosing the proper office chair becomes a crucial task. Sitting in a static position in busy schedules give rise to many backbone problems. Finding a chair that properly fits a person body is essential.

A perfect chair is what that maintains your body posture as well as the comfort level. It allows smooth movement of the body; support the body and much more. Office chairs are available in different sizes and shapes. This is because every person has its body posture and sitting style. We cannot fit every person into the same style and size chair.

Consider the below-mentioned tips or click here before you run into buying the next office chair for you.

Check on Seat Depth:
What matters most in the perfect office chair? The essential component of a comfortable chair is the depth of the seat. Your tights need enough depth to sit comfortably on a chair; therefore, small depth is not suitable. On the other side, if the depth of the seat will too big, it also cause discomfort for the back of keens.

So getting a chair with perfect depth measure is essential. While choosing the chair, be seated and measure the distance from backrest to the back of the knees. Between backrest and back of the knees, the distance should be of 2 to 3 fingers.

If you are not sure about which chair will be useful for you according to the depth, then look at up for those chairs that have the option to slide a seat forward and backwards. It helps to adjust the depth of your office chair according to your comfort level.

Seat Height:
Seat height is as important as seat depth. A good chair is what that allows a person to sit on a chair while feet flat on the surface or with keens bent making a 90-degree angle. This is possible with using the adjustable feature in the chair. While sitting on the chair, one can adjust the seat height according to his height.

It also depends on what type of footwear you are wearing. In heels, one will need extra height as compared to flat shoes. Office chairs come with height adjustable feature, which allows adding up extra inches to your chair height. No matter whether your height is small or large, you can adjust the level.

Go for Armrests:
If you work in an office for straight 8 hours or more, you have a better idea of shoulder and neck pain. To relieve yourself from this pain, support to your arms is essential. Armrests are used to give support to shoulder and neck muscles. The armrest height should be horizontal to your elbow height. Moreover, a good armrests chair never create hurdles in your hand movement.

The backrest is a feature that one cannot deny at any cost. Working for 8 hours straight, needs some relaxing for your back. Have you ever noticed that almost all office chairs come with S-shaped backrest? The survey S shape backrest provide comfort to natural body poster. Some of the chairs have fixed backrest while some of the models offer adjustable backrest. Therefore, it is up to your selection that which you will find the best for you.

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