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Harley-Davidson Sales Fall Again by 1.4 Percent Worldwide


Harley-Davidson has sold fewer engines in the past quarter. Total sales fell by 1.4 percent worldwide to 38,754 units.


On the home market, the United States, sales fell by more than 3 percent. It meant the twelfth quarter in a row that there were fewer buyers for the motorbikes in the home market.

Internationally, sales rose slightly in recent months, purely as a result of improving sales in Asia.

Harley is committed to attracting younger bikers, therefore, focuses on lighter engines. The company also wants to wear more engines, especially outside the US.

Asia is an important growth market for the company. The consequences of the trade struggle between China and the US were disadvantageous.

By 2027, half of all sales must take place outside the US. To boost sales, Harley also incurs the necessary costs for marketing and the development of new engines. All that depresses the profit margins.

The trading update from the engine maker made investors nervous. Both in terms of revenue and profit, the results were less than expected. The share fell sharply in the so-called stock market trading.

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