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Georgia Recount: Joe Biden Remains the Winner


The recount of the votes in the US state of Georgia yields another victory for Democrat Joe Biden in that state. Georgia Secretary of the Interior Brad Raffensperger announced this Thursday (local time).


The recount was requested after the first count showed that Biden in Georgia had a lead of about 14,000 votes over Donald Trump.

The check confirmed, according to Raffensperger, that the original count accurately identified the winner. He expects Biden’s victory to be officially confirmed in his state on Friday.

The outcome of the recount is another setback for President Trump, who insists the election was not fair. However, he no longer seems to have a chance of a second term.

Also with a victory in Georgia, Trump could not have caught up with Biden.

According to American media, Biden is on 306 electors and Trump on 232. A victory in Georgia yields 16 electors. It is the first time since 1992 that a Democrat has received the most votes in the southern state in a presidential election.

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