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Full Buses in London After Easing Lockdown


The loosening of lockdown measures has led to heavy crowds in public transport in London. Many people go out to work there for the first time in weeks.


Transport Minister Grant Shapps had called on his countrymen to go to work where possible by bicycle or on foot.

“We are asking people to be sensible and not to take public transport en masse,” he told Sky News.

Not everyone appears to have responded to that call. Commuters complain about social media about the crowds in buses and subways.

Many passengers would not wear face masks and keeping distance is sometimes difficult. Moreover, images of largely empty stations and vehicles are also shared on Twitter.

The government has asked residents of England to work from home whenever possible.

People for whom this is not an option are encouraged to return to work, provided their employers have not temporarily closed their doors due to the corona crisis.

England, where the vast majority of British people live, is taking the lead in starting the economy. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are more reserved and are still calling on residents to stay at home.

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