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Friends Celebrate 25th Anniversary With A Pop-Up Experience


Friends Celebrate 25th Anniversary with a pop-up Experience. The American comedy series Friends is celebrating its 25th anniversary this fall. Warner Bros. and Superfly set up a pop-up experience in New York.


“The premiere was almost a quarter of a century ago, but the series still attracts fans of all ages,” said Peter van Roden of Warner Bros.

Visitors can admire the pop-up costumes from the series and walk into sets of familiar scenes,

 such as the fountain from the intro, the stairwell in which Ross tries to lift his couch in the well-known “pivot” scene,

 the purple door of Rachel and Monica,

 Chandler and Joey’s living room including lazy chairs and table football and of course the Central Perk café, where the characters often sit.

The pop-up opens on September 7 this year and is open seven days a week, until October 6.

A similar pop-up was set up five years ago to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series.

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