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Four Men Arrested After Explosion of A Taxi in Liverpool Released After Questioning


Four men arrested after the explosion of a taxi in Liverpool have been released after questioning. The police reported this on Tuesday.


The alleged perpetrator of the explosion, described by police as a possible “terrorist act”, has since been identified. It concerns the 32-year-old Emad al-Swealmeen. The man was killed during the incident. According to British media, al-Swealmeen is a refugee from the Middle East who has converted to Christianity.

As part of the investigation, four men aged 20, 21, 26 and 29 were arrested on Monday. The four were questioned but later released. “We are pleased with the testimony they have given,” said Russ Jackson, chief of the region’s counter-terrorism police. He emphasised that investigators have made “significant progress” since Sunday and that “important evidence” has been found at the Rutland Avenue address.

At the same address, Emad al-Swealmeen had ordered a taxi on Sunday morning to go to a women’s hospital in Liverpool. Because the passenger was acting suspiciously, the taxi driver quickly jumped out of the car on arrival and locked up al-Swealmeen. Barely a second later, the imprisoned terrorist detonated his bomb belt in the taxi. The driver was injured in the incident but was released from the hospital on Monday.

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