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Four Astronauts Land Safely on Earth After Six Months in ISS


Four astronauts who spent nearly six months on the ISS space station are back on Earth. The American space agency NASA reports that they landed on the water on Friday morning off the coast of Florida and that the landing was successful.


The astronauts, collectively called Crew-3, did research on the ISS into microgravity and the growing of plants without potting soil. They spent 175 days aboard the space station, which has orbited the Earth 2,832 times in that time.

The German Matthias Maurer was on the mission on behalf of the European space agency ESA. He will fly straight to Cologne on Friday, where the space medicine team will supervise him to readjust to Earth’s gravity. Three Americans flew on behalf of NASA.

They travelled in the Crew Dragon Endurance, a space vehicle from SpaceX. NASA likes to work with Elon Musk’s commercial company because this allows transport to the ISS to be arranged safely and cost-effectively. In addition, this allows NASA to focus on research in the space station itself.

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