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For the First Time US Minister of Foreign Affairs in Suriname


Suriname will receive a visit from an American Secretary of State for the first time on Thursday. Mike Pompeo will stay in the country for about five hours and will speak with President Chan Santokhi and some ministers, among others.


According to his Surinamese counterpart Albert Ramdin, a meeting with representatives of the American business community in Suriname is also on the agenda.

The US Secretary of State’s visit to the newly elected Santokhi is also intended to celebrate the “triumph of democracy,” said a statement by the Pompeo Department.

The talks between the US and Suriname will mainly focus on cooperation between the two countries, with an emphasis on collaboration in the field of energy and security.

Minister Ramdin also wants to talk about possible military cooperation, such as has previously existed between America and Suriname.

After the visit, the American delegation will continue the trip to neighbouring Guyana and then to Brazil and Colombia. During these visits, Pompeo will discuss how to tackle the corona crisis and how economies can be strengthened at the same time.

The Surinamese ministers who will join the conversation with Pompeo are those of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation, Justice and Police and Defense.

The business delegation consists of representatives from gold multinational Newmont and some companies from the oil sector, Ramdin said.

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