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Five Must-Do Things on Island Hopping Thailand Tours


If you feel like going on an island hopping trip, then Thailand is the best option as there are more than 300 islands in Thailand. It is the perfect destination for island hopping as Thailand is known to be extremely affordable.

Regardless of it being cheap, you can still do a lot of fun activities and eat some mouthwatering Thai food. People from all around the world go on an island hopping Thailand tours to enjoy their vacations and explore the islands to the fullest.

How to plan island hopping in Thailand?

There are several ways to get around in Thailand. You can either use a bus or ferries to travel from one island to another. You can also rent a car as it would give you more sense of freedom. Many famous islands do offer a lot of accommodations and transport facilities, but they are not available on smaller islands.

It gets a bit hectic to find ways around Thailand yourself and researching about all the routes and schedules of buses for independent island hoppers which is why it is always recommended to book yourself on an island hopping Thailand tour. You can easily find many islands hopping Thailand tours online and get yourself booked.

Things to do on island hopping Thailand tour

There are a significant number of islands in Thailand, and it is impossible to visit each one of them on your island hopping Thailand tour, but there are some must-do things that you should not miss. Here are the five places that you must visit when you are on your island hopping tour in Thailand.

• Party in Phuket:
Most island hoppers love visiting Phuket as it has 32 beaches alone. You can party a lot when you are in Phuket. Travellers tend to stay at one of the main beaches in Phuket such as Patong, Karon, Kata, Kama, Surin, Bangtao, Mai Khao and NaiHarn. You can also check out the national park and indulge yourself in swimming or tanning while on the beach.

• Rock climbing in Railey Beach:
Railey beach is a fantastic destination loved by a lot of travellers, and it is best known for rock climbing. You can stay at the following places:
– Railey Princess Resort and Spa
– Avatar Railey
– Railey Garden View

• Snorkelling in Tub Island:
A small boat ride away from Railey beach you will find Tub Island. It is called Tub Island due to its small size as compared to other islands around it. It is a remote island, and you won’t find a lot of people here, which will give you more privacy. You can snorkel here and also spot a lot of tropical fishes.

• Have lunch at the Muslim fishing village in James Bond Island:
You will find the KhaoPhingKan island in the north of Phuket which is also known as the James Bond Island because it got featured in one of the James Bond movies called ‘The Golden Gun’ in 1974. It is a part of the Phang Nga Bay. You can enjoy delicious seafood at the nearest Muslim fishing village.

• Dive around in Similan Island:
It has clear and warm water, and it is one of the hidden gems of the Andaman sea where you can go diving in Similan Islands to see eye-catching rare and endangered marine life.

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