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‘Facebook Allowed Advertisers To Focus Advertising’


‘Facebook Allowed advertisers to Focus advertising on Nazi Issues’. Facebook made it possible for advertisers on the platform to focus on Nazi-related topics, according to the reports.


Advertisers could send their message via Facebook’s automatic advertising tool,

  to people interested in Joseph Goebbels (propaganda minister of Nazi Germany),

 Josef Mengele (Nazi physician) and Heinrich Himmler (leader of the SS).

Other areas of interest carried the no longer active neo-Nazi band Skrewdriver and the Italian fascist political party PNF of Benito Mussolini.

The categories in Facebook’s advertising tool are not created manually but automatically based on the activities of users,

 such as remarks on ads or joining a particular group.

Facebook mentioned that to remove the groups from its advertising tool.

“Most of these options to reach people are against our policies and should have been picked up earlier and removed,” states a spokesperson.

Also, It is not the first time that Facebook is embarrassed by controversial advertising options.

In 2017, it was discovered that advertisers could focus on anti-Semitic categories, such as ‘Jew-haters’.

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