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F-35 is Cheaper Due to A Large Order from the United States


F-35 is Cheaper Due to A Large Order from the United States. The F-35, the fighter plane of the American Lockheed Martin, is probably going to be slightly cheaper now that the United States has signed a bill.


According to sources, the deal clears the way for Reuters for even more orders that have to reduce the costs per jet. Also in our country, the F-35 is one of the candidates to follow the F-16.

The US deal for 141 F-35s, involving an amount of $ 13 billion, reduces the price of the most common version of the jet fighter, reportedly to about $ 89 million.

That means a decrease of about 6 percent compared to $ 94.3 million with the last deal in February 2017. By 2020 the price must have dropped to $ 80 million per jet.

Reducing the cost of the world’s most expensive defence program is needed to secure more orders.

US President Donald Trump and other US officials have previously criticised the F-35 program for delays and cost overruns. The price per jet has steadily declined in recent years as production increased.

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