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European Commission Meets With New EU President Germany


Members of the European Commission will hold a video consultation with the German government on Thursday on EU priorities for the next six months.


Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government took over the rotating EU presidency on Wednesday. Until the end of this year, Berlin chairs the European Council of Ministers and sets the agenda.

The main objective of the Germans is to bring the European economy out of the corona crisis more strongly.

Merkel and the European Commission want the 27 heads of government to quickly reach an agreement on the European multi-year budget and a sizeable multi-billion-dollar fund for the most affected countries and regions, preferably at the EU summit to be held in Brussels in mid-July.

Many European files have been frozen in recent months due to the corona pandemic. The Germans want to pick up the thread with great ambition.

On their plate are difficult topics such as the climate approach, migration, digitization, compliance with the rule of law and defence. At the same time, negotiations with the British about the future relationship are ongoing.

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Merkel gave a press conference at 4.30 pm. Merkel travels to Brussels next week to deal with the European Parliament called.

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