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Europe is Vaccinating Unacceptably Slowly, Says WHO


The World Health Organization (WHO) has criticized vaccination campaigns in European countries. They are getting off the ground much too slowly, says regional director Hans Kluge.


He calls this unacceptable and advocates using “every dose we have in stock” immediately. According to him, vaccine production must also increase.

Kluge warns that current vaccination campaigns could give people and governments a “false sense of security”. The WHO calls the situation in Europe “more worrisome than we have seen in months”. The virus would spread more quickly in all age groups, except for people over 80. Older people are often vaccinated as a priority, and that now seems to have positive consequences.

Many other Europeans still have to wait for their vaccinations. “10 percent of the region’s total population has had 1 dose of a vaccine,” says the WHO.; 4 percent of the region residents would have had both injections.

Just before Easter, the organization also points out the risks associated with the coming religious holidays. Then people are expected to go out more often, and more agreements will be made.

Another factor is that the British variant of the virus is now dominant in the region, according to the WHO. According to the organization, this mutant is transferred more quickly and has a more significant impact on public health.

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