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EU Sets Climate Bar Higher: 55 Percent Less CO2 in 2030


The European Union is tightening up its climate goals. In ten years, the union must emit not 40, but 55 percent less CO2 than in 1990, EU leaders agreed at their summit in Brussels.


This is necessary to make Europe climate neutral by 2050.

“Europe is the leader in the fight against climate change,” tweeted EU President Charles Michel after a long and fierce negotiating night before EU leaders agreed.

The Netherlands has been pushing for some time to increase the intermediate target by 2030. The European Commission has also proposed this.

The European Parliament even wants to set the bar at 60 percent and wants that not only the union as a whole but also each EU country individually achieve that goal. The EU countries and parliament need to agree on this now.

The stricter targets are necessary to limit global warming to 2 and preferably 1.5 degrees, as agreed in the Paris climate agreement. In this way, climate change could still be contained to some extent.

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