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EU Leaders are Brooding on Something Extra for An EU Country With Few Vaccines


EU countries where vaccinations are slow because they have too few corona vaccines are likely to receive some extra vaccines.


The EU leaders want to give the laggards back momentum because it is also challenging to get rid of the virus while still around the neighbours. They want to use an early delivery of Pfizer vaccines for this.

Austria and five other EU countries complained earlier this month that some member states have many more vaccines than they do. In principle, the doses are distributed fairly, but some countries declined, for example, for the expensive Pfizer vaccine and aimed for AstraZeneca’s. But the supply of that vaccine is disappointing time and time again.

EU leaders are keen to give lagging countries like Latvia and Slovenia a share of Pfizer’s windfall of 10 million doses. But the discussion about this was difficult because Austria is claiming a quantity of vaccines. Austria is still in relatively good shape among the laggards. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz hit hard in recent weeks. In doing so, he seems to have lost goodwill.

The ambassadors of the EU countries are now going to agree on how they will distribute the 10 million vaccines. They do so “in a spirit of solidarity”, stated Rutte and his colleagues. They stick to the agreement that every country gets its share according to population. Countries with previously abandoned Pfizer vaccines may still claim their portion of the 10 million loss as a result.

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