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EU Also Calls for Further Investigation into the Origin of the Coronavirus


Researchers into the origin of the coronavirus should look around everywhere, the EU also believes. And “all efforts to get clarity” can count on the union’s support, says EU leader Charles Michel.


In doing so, the EU appears to be joining the United States, advocating a new investigation because China would have imposed too many restrictions on the previous one.

Scientists from the World Health Organization, including the Dutch Marion Koopmans, were already in China at the beginning of this year to research the origin of the virus. But many questions remained unanswered partly because China gave the researchers too little space. Koopmans himself argues for further investigation and possibly even an inspection, but China is not in favour of this for the time being.

“The world has a right to know exactly what happened,” said Charles Michel, President of the Council of EU Heads of Government. “That is why we indeed support all efforts to gain transparency and know the truth.”

Researchers must be given “full access” to “whatever it takes to really find the source of this pandemic,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. “The teams need access to the information and the places.”

Von der Leyen and Michel are discussing the issue at the G7 summit, with seven of the major industrialized nations, including the US. Together they would like to call for a follow-up investigation “free from interference”.

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