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Employee Handbook: The Secret Behind Retaining an Employee


The owner of a small business will always be in the race to expand it and to make it compatible with the highest standards. The main thing that is needed to expand a business is its manpower regarding employees. To make power strengthen, you need to owe to those workers that possess the abilities to compete with the employees of the higher firm.

HR companies provide you such resources that can pick the talented employees by conducting interviews, screening and cutting your effort of selecting a candidate. So you need to be choosy enough while choosing HR Company for bright future of your organization.

The most important tool between an employee and employer is an employee handbook that holds laws and legislations related to employees. Furthermore, it sets what your employee can expect from your company. It also demonstrates the legal obligations of an employer.

Anti-discrimination policies are set in this book so an employer must comply with these policies to prohibit the discrimination and harassment and ensure equal opportunity laws.

Manage schedule:
The employee handbook should have a clear timetable for working hours and for non-working hours and extra time with salary, bonuses and commissions etc.

Ensure security and safety:
Clearly mention the security policies that will ensure your worker to work in a secure environment or work place. There should be clearly mentioned policies relevant to bad weather and hazardous conditions.

Maintain employee’s benefits:
Employee’s benefits should be clearly mentioned demonstrating the employee’s benefits in health, salary, academic scholarships for the children of employees etc.
There should be clearly documented leave policies that let your employees plan their schedules. There should be laws mentioned according to maternity leaves, injury leaves and vacations according to the federal and local holidays.

Relationship with media:
A separate section should be there to deal with the media affair. This book should hold a section that may be able to define clearly how to deal with reporters and other media personnel’s. This will be a good step to ensure your global image and reputation.

Employment information:
General employment information should be clearly documented that includes the qualification of employee, dress code, job posting, employee record etc.

Big organizations have well maintained different handbooks for different employees. Being a small company, you can have a single generic handbook for your employees. An employee handbook is a tool to retain the employee in your organization and to lead it to success.

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