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Dozens Of iOS Apps Sell Location Data To Third Parties


Dozens of iOS Apps sell Location data to third Parties. Several apps in the App Store collect location data from users and then sell them to companies.


It concerns data from “tens of millions” of mobile devices. That is what a group of security researchers discovered, according to reports.

The researchers discovered at least 24 iPhone apps that were guilty of this.

Among them are and NOAA Weerradar. These apps are also popular in the Dutch App Store.

The apps would relay accurate user locations, as well as other sensitive data that helps to recognise users’ identity.

“Data is continually being sent,” stated the researchers.

The apps would not or barely indicate that information is being forwarded.

The gathered information would be used by companies to create databases so that they can send targeted advertisements.

Some companies, such as Reveal and Sense360, also mentioned that users can always unsubscribe.

They also claim that developers must notify their users of data sharing.

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