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Do I need to Use Background Music for My Video?


For you, as an independent entrepreneur, it is clear: to attract more customers you need to apply to video marketing. But do you also have to apply background music in your video?

Background music
To give your video more sense. To make your video speak more. To give your video more power, my advice is to add background music. Let’s discuss how to do it in the right way, with the right hardness and royalty free.

Royalty free music
Make sure your background music is royalty free. There is quite a bit of royalty free music on the internet. However, YouTube makes it very easy for you. You can find royalty free music in the audio library on Youtube. You can download this music and add it to your video.
YouTube has its own audio library that you can use for your videos free of charge and without any problems. The library offers extensive possibilities to find suitable tracks for your videos: you can sort songs by genre, mood, instrument and duration.
YouTube also makes some recommendations, and you can save your own favourites. YouTube currently has the following genes with royalty free music: Alternative music and punk, Ambient, Classical, Country and folk, Dance and electronic music, Hip hop and rap, Jazz and Blues, Pop, R & B, Reggae, and Rock. So, enough choice!

How hard should the background music be?
I often see (or should I say) videos that have too hard background music. That is unfortunate because that is not the message of the video. The intention is that background music clarifies the message … not that the viewer does not hear the message correctly or not. If the viewer has to make an effort to understand you, the viewer will click away from your video. Understandability of yourself / the one told in the video is the most important of all your video.

But how do I know that I am well understood?
There is an easy resolution for this: let some family members and acquaintances see your video (and hear it) and ask them for their opinion. You can easily do this by uploading your video (link). The link to the hidden video mails you to your family members and acquaintances.
On the other hand, the family members/acquaintances are familiar with your voice. They will, therefore, have to make less effort to recognize your voice / hear what you say. The best thing is to have the video assessed by someone who does not know your (voice).

Use the appropriate background music for the right mood
With background music, you can also give your video a wrong turn. Check the feeling of your video and adjust your background music accordingly. YouTube also has an easy function for this in the “audio library.” Click on “genre” in the “audio library.” You can choose from the following genres: Angry, Dramatic, Funky, Inspiring, Cheerful, Romantic, Quiet, Bleak, Sad and Cheerful. Choose the right genre that suits your video.

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