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Cholera and Diarrhoea Threaten Young Children in Yemen

More than five million children in Yemen under 5 have an increased risk of cholera or diarrhoea. This is mainly due to the extreme rainfall that has hit the country since this month, says UNICEF.


This makes access to clean drinking water and sanitary facilities more difficult.

UNICEF has provided hygiene sets, buckets, towels, disinfectants and chlorine to affected families, among others. The organization warns about the welfare of the children.

“Children in Yemen continue to face many threats to their survival,” said the UN Children’s Fund. “The further spread of cholera, the coronavirus and malnutrition will only exacerbate the burden on children and their families.”

UNICEF says that cholera and acute diarrhoea are preventable and treatable.

“Our response is therefore aimed at ensuring that families have continued access to clean drinking water and sanitation, while at the same time knowing how to reduce health risks.”

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