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China Says US is Trying to Establish Asian NATO


The United States is trying to create an Asian version of NATO with its defence strategy in the Indian and Pacific region, says Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. “But they are doomed to fail,” Wang said.


“The perverse actions are contrary to the region’s aspirations for peace, development and cooperation,” Wang said. Following the example of European countries bordering Russia, several countries in the region have strengthened ties with the US to ensure protection from dominant China. Japan, India and Vietnam, among others, have disagreements with China about border areas.

But Taiwan is the biggest pain point for the Chinese. China sees the democratically governed island as a renegade province. So the People’s Communist Republic is trying to isolate the island diplomatically. Chinese leaders do not want other countries to treat Taiwan independently.

Wang warned that further US rapprochement with Taiwan would not end well. “It would not only push Taiwan into a precarious state but also mean unbearable consequences for the US side,” Wang said. However, he also said that “Taiwan would eventually come back to embrace the homeland.”

Wang stressed that China’s relationship with Taiwan is “not at all comparable” to Russia’s relationship with Ukraine.

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