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Checklist for Bridal Shoes: Which One goes Best with Dress Style?


Deciding on a perfect dress for the bridal occasion is certainly the first to priority on your perfect bridal checklist but don’t forget that choosing the right pair of shoes to go with it is also equally important.

Such a decision could either break or make your day. Thus, shoes, in reality, have a lot to offer rather than simply fulfilling the purpose of walking on the ramp, dancing floor or the red carpet!

With a lot of mind mapping and brainstorming involved in matching your shoes with the outfit, mother of the bride just needs to get the gist of certain basics.

Things to consider while selecting Bridal Shoes:
• The ease and comfort level should be the utmost priority followed by the fact the grace and posture she is expected to maintain in the occasion should be intact.
• It is preferable that the brides choose their dress first because the dress sets the mood, colour and the heel height of the bridal shoes.

Heel height and bridal dress:
Heel height and comfort level are directly related, and it is advisable for our brides to choose the shoes which they are most accustomed to wearing. More importantly, the length of your wedding dress depends highly on your shoe choice. You seriously don’t want tripping incidents and clumsy walking on your special day because of your shortcomings in choice. So, mostly flat wedding shoes and kitten heels are considered the best choice with long bridal wear with the element of comfort being intact.

Only white shoes for the white dress:
Not necessary at all. Some brides do not want to adopt a classic monochromatic look on their big day. They can opt profoundly for coloured shoes; mostly blue, fuchsia shades of pink and aqua are in trend nowadays.

Peep toes and stilettoes:
Peep toes go wonderfully with bare legs; so if you have a knee length dress, they are the best option. For a more casual outfit that comprises of jeggings with tops or opaque leggings, flat peep toes are thumbs up. The best thing about stilettoes and peep toes is that they help you to flaunt your soft pampered and pedicured feet. It’s a perfect opportunity to adorn this footwear so that your soft skin, glossy nail painted fingers and neat cuticles are visible. Taa Daah!

They go beautifully with any dress that has a stylish appeal. So, jumpsuits, pantsuits, skirts, long formal dresses and straight cigarette pants are ideal options for pumps to go with. The winter wear such as coats or long fur jackets with skinny fit jeans along with a perfect pair of pumps gives you a trendy modern look.

Stereotyping boots with winter outfits will not do justice to such neat and smart footwear. They add charm to the winter wears, but they can also do wonders in other seasons. You can flaunt your smart ankle or knee-length boots with a leather jacket and short midi skirts cape.

Ankle length nudes:
Such a chic accessory adds grace to your shimmery bridal dress. They match with most of the cuts and silhouettes, but they complement knee-length dresses the best way. The strings tied up to the calves go perfectly well with shorts, boho-inspired dresses.
Nude heels go best with a heavy embroidered or a classy dress to balance the outfit.

Matching or colour blocking:
Matching footwear with the dress is a yes but do not overdo it because this trend is on its way to bidding farewell. So, another trendy option is to go for colour blocking. Contrast your outfit in a blatant, whacky style like orange pumps with the navy blue suede dress and walk with an attitude!

Printed peep toes or sandal:
Add classiness to your monochromatic wedding dress with printed peep toes. Make sure that with them every other accessory is subdued or muted. You want to be a centre of attention not a centre of ridicule!

So, keep the checklist of selecting the right shoe with the dress along with the elements of comfort, style and impression in mind when going shopping for your bridal footwear. Brides can be observant and with the dos and don’ts fully intact in her mind can select the preferred footwear for her. Or the bride can customize her own plain pair of pumps with designs, lacings embroidery of anything that holds symbolic importance for her. It all depends on your choice; let it be blatant or in line with conventions.

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