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Cardi B Must Disappoint Fans Because Of Threats


Cardi B must Disappoint fans because of Threats. Cardi B (26) had to cancel her concert in Indianapolis due to severe threats.


Through social media, the rapper says that she is very sorry, but that her safety, and that of her fans, is more important.

“Dear Indiana fans, I am very sorry about what happened.

I was present in the room and even practised a few new moves, which I wanted to show in my show.

Unfortunately, a security threat came in, and I advised my management to cancel the show at the last minute,

 and these threats are currently being investigated,” says Cardi.

The location where the concert would take place has also been heard.

“This is an important announcement! Tonight’s concert is cancelled and will be postponed to September 11.

Further details will follow later.”

According to the Indianapolis police, there was a serious threat to Cardi B, about which no further announcements were made.

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