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Capitol Storming Investigation: Judge Rules Trump Must Still Transfer Documents


A judge in Washington D.C. ruled on Tuesday that ex-President Donald Trump must turn over the requested documents to the House of Representatives special committee investigating the storming of the Capitol. The American media report this.

Trump had gone to court in October to block the transfer of the documents. He did so after President Joe Biden did authorize the submission of files to the committee related to Trump’s actions on January 6, the day the Capitol was stormed.

Trump invoked his “executive privilege” in his complaint, which gives a president the right not to release information to Congress.

The judge now ruled in favour of the Republican. However, in the verdict, she wrote that it is in the public interest that the events of January 6 be investigated so that they never happen again in the future. “For the first time since 1980, there has been no peaceful transfer of power,” she wrote, according to NBC News.

The disputed documents, about 40 according to the media, will in principle be handed over to the committee on Friday. However, Trump’s lawyer has already said he will appeal if the judge rules that the documents should be released.

The U.S. House of Representatives committee investigating the January 6 storming of the Capitol also subpoenaed a slew of people on Tuesday. Among them is former White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany and top adviser to former President Donald Trump, Stephen Miller.

The people who are subpoenaed must testify before the committee and present documents.

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