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Capitol Police Warned of Extreme Right-Wing Violence in July


The intelligence chief of the US Capitol Police warned parliament in July of violence by right-wing “revolutionary extremists”, who had become more active due to the corona measures.


Four months before joining the police force, John Donohue, then a security consultant, warned the country needed an alert system targeting social media outlets.

Donohue told the House of Representatives’ Intelligence and Anti-Terrorism Committee that domestic insurgents had become an unprecedented risk to constitutional rights in the US.

“The time has come to recognize this phenomenon and act quickly to protect civil society. “

The public warning came six months before an agitated mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol last week, killing five. Donohue joined the Capitol Police in November, four months after his testimony.

In it, he said that the corona measures had resulted in “an exponential growth in participation in the cyber domain around revolutionary extremist themes.” to a much lesser extent,” Donohue said in July.

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