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Canada Warns Civilians of Arbitrary Arrest in Hong Kong


Canada is warning its citizens that they are at higher risk of arbitrary arrest and extradition to China in Hong Kong, as the new Chinese security law is in force there.


The warning shows that Western countries are not comfortable with the consequences of the law.

Ottawa fears that China will arrest Canadians as a means of pressure because Canada has held Huawei driver Meng Wanzhou in custody since late 2018.

“You are at increased risk of arbitrary detention on the grounds of national security and possible extradition to China,” Canada reports to Hong Kong in its travel advisory to civilians under the heading “National Security Laws”.

China was outraged by the amended travel advice, which the Chinese government says is “totally unreasonable”.

“Hong Kong affairs are Chinese internal affairs that other countries should not interfere in,” said a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

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