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California Agency Blames Tesla Factory of Racial Segregation


A California state agency has filed a complaint against Tesla for racial discrimination at the carmaker’s factory in Fremont, US. The electric car manufacturer is accused of “racial segregation” in the workplace.


DFEH is the agency that protects citizens’ rights in California. Director Kevin Fish says he has received hundreds of complaints from employees. “Black workers face racial insults and discrimination in duties, rules, pay and promotion, which creates a hostile work environment,” said Fish.

DFEH has sent extracts from the complaint to a California court. However, before it was confirmed, Tesla had already communicated about the charges earlier Wednesday.

Elon Musk’s company says it firmly opposes any form of discrimination and harassment. A team dealing with employee relations will look into the complaints.

The investigation into the state of affairs at the Fremont factory lasted three years. Black or African-American employees received racial insults every day from other co-workers and from supervisors and managers.

The infamous N-word, for “nigger” (“negro”), fell frequently, and the zones in the factory where many African Americans worked were called “porch monkey station”, literally “the zone of the monkeys who do nothing. “.

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