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Britons Receive Vaccination Proof on A Health App


Britons travelling abroad will soon be able to show that they have been vaccinated against the coronavirus with an existing app from the national health service.


Transport Minister Grant Shapps says he is consulting with international partners to ensure the system is recognized everywhere.

Britons are already using the app to make appointments with the NHS health service, and the minister told Sky News. They will soon not have to put a separate program on their phone to show that they have been vaccinated or have received a negative coronate test result.

The minister told Sky News that the plan would be discussed next week at a meeting of transport ministers from the G7, a group of wealthy industrial countries.

Britons who want to go on holiday abroad will still have to be patient. They must have a valid reason to leave the country, and vacations are not covered.

This may change on 17 May. This is seen as the first possible date on which the travel policy can be overhauled. The authorities want to roll out a kind of ‘traffic light system’, whereby travel to ‘green’ countries is subject to less strict rules than trips to orange or red areas.

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