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British Supreme Court Blocks Massive Privacy Lawsuit


British Supreme Court blocks massive Privacy lawsuit against Google. The British Supreme Court has blocked a significant privacy case against Google.


“The privacy of our users is essential to us,” said a spokesperson for the tech giant in a statement.

“This complaint was unfounded, and we are pleased that the judge agreed with this.”

The tech giant was accused of collecting iPhone data. The case started by the former director of a British consumer union.

The organisation said they were starting the case on behalf of more than four million deceived iPhone owners.

Omitted iPhones default settings
According to the prosecutors, Google avoided the standard settings of the iPhone,

 so that personal data possibly be collected without permission.

In this way, the tech giant would have obtained information about, among other things, origin,

 health, orientation, locations and consumer action between 2011 and 2012.

The case required compensation of 750 British pounds per victim. It would amount to payment of billions.

Only benefit the chief prosecutor and lawyers
The judge acknowledges that Google may have collected data incorrectly.

The judge, however, doubts whether the required compensation should be received or whether the case should be continued.

In practice, the chief prosecutor and his lawyers, in precise, would benefit from the issue.

The prosecutors are going to see if they can appeal.

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