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British Serial Killer Dennis Nilsen(72) Died in Prison


British Serial Killer Dennis Nilsen(72) Died in Prison. The British serial killer Dennis Nilsen, who admitted that he killed at least fifteen people, died at the age of 72. He died in prison near the English city of York. Nilsen killed at least fifteen men in the seventies and eighties.


British serial killer Dennis Nilsen died in prison near York at the age of 72. Nilsen would have killed at least fifteen men, but he was only convicted of the murder of six of his victims.

Most of Nilsen’s victims were young homosexual men without a permanent residence. Nilsen usually got to know his victims in a pub. He took him home, where the victim was strangled. Some men have managed to escape, posted by eMedium.

In 1983, the police were able to pick up the then 37-year-old Nilsen. This happened thanks to the information from a plumber who had found body remains in the water pipe in Nilsen’s apartment in the north of London.

Several apartment residents had complained about the smell coming from the drain pipe. The investigators later discovered that Nilsen hid or cut the corpses under the plank floor of his home and rinsed through the toilet.

There is another investigation to determine the cause of death of Nilsen. Perhaps it is a natural death.

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