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British Prime Minister May Wins Victory In The Brexit Process


British Prime Minister May wins Victory in the Brexit Process. British Prime Minister Theresa May has won a victory in the British Parliament on Tuesday With 324 against 298 votes.


The acceptance of proposal happened on Tuesday. With this, May defeated pro-European parties, says Vital News.

The proposal states that if the final Brexit deal gets a rejection, the prime minister will make clear how the process should proceed within 28 days.

This proposal and the promise that British pro-European lawmakers will gain more influence within the parliament, allowed May to win the vote.

In April, made some significant changes to the bill. One of those changes gives the House of Commons the power to get the final verdict on the eventual Brexit.

Initially, the May government only wanted the United Kingdom to leave the European Union under the conditions outlined by the government.

If the parliament did not agree, the Association Kingdom would leave the EU without making agreements with the EU about future relations.

But at the end of last year, May was forced to adjust her posture. The House of Commons then determined that parliamentarians were allowed to participate in the agreement concluded with the EU. The Higher House went along with it and believed that Brexit would not do if May does not come with acceptable conditions.

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