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British Prime Minister Johnson Excludes the Second Referendum in Scotland


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson excludes a second referendum in Scotland on leaving the United Kingdom. He writes that in a letter to Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon.


The British government formally rejects a request from Sturgeon for a new referendum. “I cannot agree with a request that will lead to further independence referendums,” writes Johnson in the notes to that decision.

Sturgeon and it’s Scottish National Party (SNP) are firmly in favour of a referendum. The SNP recently won a massive victory in the British elections and feels thereby strengthened in its attempt to get that referendum.

The previous referendum was in 2014 and then a majority voted to remain part of the United Kingdom. According to Sturgeon, much has changed since then.

A large majority of Scottish voters were in favour of staying in the EU during the 2016 referendum on the Brexit.

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