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British Police: Leak Over Huawei Was Not A Violation


British police: Leak over Huawei was not a Violation. The British police will not start investigating leaked information from a closed meeting of the National Security Council, the British Security Council.


The leak cost the British defence minister his job.

According to the police, the leaked information does not contain content that violates the Official Secrets Act.

“The leaked information did not have such an influence on the public interest that an official offence had to be committed,” the police said.

“It would be inappropriate to start an investigation under these circumstances.”

Earlier this week, a leak revealed that the United Kingdom is planning to eliminate Chinese telecom manufacturer Huawei from the core of the upcoming 5G network.

Huawei is the market leader in telecom network equipment, but the United States of espionage particularly accuses the company of China through the equipment.

Huawei has always denied that.

Also, evidence for surveillance has never been made public.

Minister of Defense denies
British minister Gavin Williamson was fired on Wednesday because he allegedly leaked the information.

Prime Minister Theresa May stated during the investigation that Williamson cooperated less well than other members of the Security Council.

There would be “convincing evidence” for his debt.

Williamson denied being the source of the leak on Twitter.

“I strongly refute that I was in any way involved in this leak and I am convinced that a thorough formal investigation would release me.”

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