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British Opposition Leader: An Investigation into Johnson’s Corona Approach


British opposition leader and Labor party leader Keir Starmer calls an investigation into how the Johnson government has addressed the corona pandemic inevitable.


According to Starmer, Johnson didn’t act fast enough.

“I think an investigation is inescapable,” said the opposition leader against news channel Sky. “There will be an investigation in due course.”

The Labor leader said he now finds it most important that British politics focus on fighting the corona crisis.

When asked what he thinks of the government’s response to the pandemic, Starmer said, “Too slow, watchful, and it really needs to be improved.”

About Johnson, Starmer said that the prime minister is good at rhetoric but bad at governing the country.

The United Kingdom is one of the countries most severely affected by corona pandemic. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, 285,268 Britons have been diagnosed with coronavirus infection.

44,080 of them died. The country ranks sixth in the series of countries with the most infections and third in the list of countries with the most deaths from the virus outbreak.

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