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British Media: Hamilton Racially Insulted on the Internet After Victory

Lewis Hamilton has been racially insulted on the internet after his victory at the British Grand Prix, according to various English media. According to Sky Sports, emojis of a monkey would have been placed with messages from Mercedes, Hamilton’s team, on Instagram.


It is unknown who racially insulted the reigning world champions. However, in recent years, Hamilton has often championed Black Lives Matter, the movement that campaigns against all forms of racism, including police brutality.

Reuters has asked Facebook, the owner of Instagram, for clarification. The news agency has not yet received a response. Last week, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on social media companies to take up the fight against racism on the internet.

Briton Hamilton won at Silverstone after driving Max Verstappen off the track. He did receive 10 penalty seconds for his action towards the Dutchman. However, Verstappen and the Red Bull leadership did not think that punishment was enough.

“The given time penalty does not help us in any way and does not do justice to Lewis’ dangerous manoeuvre on track. Furthermore, I find it disrespectful and unsportsmanlike to see the cheers after the game while I was still in hospital, but we have to move on,” said Verstappen.

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