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British Foreign Secretary Johnson Gets On


British Foreign Secretary Johnson Gets On. British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson has resigned on Monday, reports the Press Cube following a statement from Downing Street.


Johnson’s decision follows the resignation of Brexit minister David Davis, who filed his resignation on Sunday. With this in mind, two ministers from the cabinet of British Prime Minister Theresa May have resigned within 24 hours.

A spokesman for Downing Street, Prime Minister’s office, stated in a statement: “This afternoon, the Prime Minister admitted the resignation of Boris Johnson, and his replacement will be declared soon.” The Prime Minister thanks Boris for his work. “

May presents its new Brexit plans to parliament on Monday afternoon. Many members of the Conservative Party, the party of May and Johnson, among others, do not agree with these plans. Johnson was the face of the campaign before leaving the European Union.

On his resignation, Davis said on Sunday that the current policy of the government made it increasingly difficult to comply with the result of the Brexit referendum. “Our bargaining position is weak at best,” he said.

On Friday, after months of consultation, the British cabinet agreed to the negotiation circumstances for the Brexit. Then Davis already said he did not agree with the terms. May moved forward a new Brexit minister on Monday, the 44-year-old Brexiteer Dominic Raab.

Free trade area
The agreement states that there must be a free trade area between the European Union and the United Kingdom. The free movement of people does disappear. The United Kingdom would, therefore, be allowed to protect its borders and decide who will or will not enter the country.

Davis is in favour of a tough Brexit without free trade zones. Shortly after Davis stepped out, it is also known that the under-ministers Steve Baker and Suella Braverman have also resigned.

May said at the departure of Davis: “Our negotiating position is still good, but we had to come to terms and conditions to enter into concrete negotiations with the EU”. Davis was the British Brexit Minister since 2016.

The British prime minister seemed to have the support of Johnson on Friday for ‘a soft Brexit’. Part of the plan remains that the British at their discretion protect their borders and that immigration from EU countries also stopped. Johnson was the main face of the campaign before the British departure from the European Union.

Johnson, the former mayor of London, let some faithful people know on Saturday that he had decided to stay on to fight for the exit from the EU in the way he campaigned. The resigned Minister of Foreign Affairs is expected to explain his decision later on Monday.

May conducts talks with leaders in the Conservative Party to obtain parliamentary support. The supporters of a ‘hard Brexit’ also come together. They are furious that May recruits the help of Labor MPs to push through her plan for the “soft Brexit.”

Opposition angry
British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn accuses Prime Minister Theresa May that she has made a huge mess with her policy for the Brexit. Corbyn said that May had spent far too much time with discussions between controversial party members, rather than serving the economy of the country.

He wondered in parliament how a prime minister who can not reach a Brexit agreement in her cabinet could agree with the EU. Corbyn, the leftist leader of Labor, is not an opponent of the separation from the European Union. He complained that this government could not close an excellent Brexit deal.

EU President Donald Tusk regretted that with the departure of Davis and Johnson, the idea of Brexit did not disappear. ” But who knows, ” the Pool reacted to the separation of the two members of the government.

” Politicians come and go, but the problems they have created for the people remain, ” said Tusk. “The mess that caused the Brexit is the biggest problem in the history of the relationship between the EU and the United Kingdom. And it is far from solved, with or without mister Davis. ”

The European Commission said that the negotiations with the British government would continue. Chairman Jean-Claude Juncker had May on the phone Sunday afternoon, let his spokesperson know.

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