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British Authorities Consider the Amount of Money in Positive Corona Test


The British authorities are considering paying people if they test positive for the coronavirus. It would be an amount of 500 pounds (562 euros), British media reports.


For example, citizens in England should be encouraged to get tested if they have complaints.

British research shows that many people with symptoms do not get tested. People with a low income, in particular, would fear the financial consequences of self-isolation. They cannot then go to work.

Some minimums can already claim additional financial support if they have to go into isolation, but it is now being considered to pay everyone with a positive test result £ 500.

The plan is described by The Telegraph as ‘cash for covid’. It could cost the UK Treasury some £ 2 billion a month, according to the newspaper. According to a source around the government, there are also similar proposals on the table. For example, it can also be decided only to pay people if they cannot work from home. That would be about half the price.

Environment Minister George Eustice declined to go into such details in the media. He said no decision has yet been taken on such a proposal.

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