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Brisbane’s Preferred Candidate for 2032 Olympics


The Australian city of Brisbane is the preferred candidate for the organization of the Olympic Games in 2032.


The International Olympic Committee announced this after a meeting of the executive committee in Lausanne. It means that a special committee from the IOC will now have “targeted talks” with Brisbane.

The last time Australia hosted the Summer Games was in 2000. Sydney was the host city at the time. The Tokyo Games, postponed by the corona pandemic, are scheduled for this summer. Paris will host the 2024 Games, while Los Angeles already knows it will host the 2028 Games.

The IOC has placed the system of preferred candidates to prevent cities bidding from spending large amounts of money to profile themselves. In the past, this also led to the bribery of IOC members.

Brisbane’s preference is a setback for Germany’s Rhine-Ruhr region, which is seriously considering a bid at the 2032 Games. Chairman Alfons Hörmann of the German Olympic Committee announced that the region wants to continue the nomination. A popular referendum is planned for September of this year at the same time as the federal elections in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Other cities that have expressed an interest in bringing in the 2032 Summer Games include Jakarta, Doha, Istanbul, Budapest, New Delhi, Saint Petersburg and Chengdu.

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