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Bloomberg: Apple Keeps iPhone Production the Same as Last Year


Technology group Apple plans to keep production of iPhones this year about the same as in 2021. The company has become more cautious due to the increasingly challenging outlook for the smartphone market this year.


Apple is asking its suppliers to assemble about 220 million iPhones, about the same number as last year, insiders told Bloomberg news agency. Connoisseurs had expected 240 million iPhones for this year, an expectation that was fueled by the introduction of the iPhone 14 next fall.

But the smartphone sector has had a rough start to the year and production estimates are lower across the board. The number of smartphones shipped fell by 11 percent in the first quarter. That was the largest decrease since the start of the corona pandemic more than two years ago.

The highest inflation in decades, a war in Ukraine and supply chain disruptions threaten to put pressure on smartphone sales by 2022. Research firm Strategy Analytics predicts that smartphone shipments will shrink by 2 percent this year.

Apple declined to comment on the outlook, which could change in the coming months depending on economic and supply chain developments. Apple does not disclose its production targets and has not provided separate sales figures for the iPhone since 2019.

The tech company warned that delivery problems will weigh on sales in the current quarter by $4 to 8 billion. This is largely due to the impact of the corona lockdowns on Chinese production lines. The entire technology sector is also bracing itself for a slowdown in consumer spending as high inflation puts pressure on people’s purchasing power.

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