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Biden Tries to Placate Hispanics in the Crucial State of Florida


Democratic nominee for the US presidential election in November Joe Biden went to Florida for the first time in his campaign on Tuesday.


In the sunshine state, where both Biden and President Donald Trump can win and where many electors can be forgiven, he tried to win the hearts of the large Spanish-speaking community.

Biden attended an event to mark Hispanic Heritage Month in the US. It took place in Kissimmee, which is the heart of a fast-growing Puerto Rican community. In the Florida polls, Biden still has relatively little support from the Spanish-speaking community there.

The Democratic candidate told his audience that President Trump had abandoned them with his migration policy and his response to the coronavirus outbreak. Trump cannot be the leader of all Americans, according to Biden. “Donald Trump has failed the Hispanic community time and time again,” he said.

Florida’s Hispanic population is considered diverse. The large Cuban community in Florida traditionally tends to vote Republican. However, Biden sees significant opportunities in the Puerto Rican community, among others, which grew significantly after the devastating Hurricane Maria in 2017.

“I’m not going to throw paper towels at people who have just been hit by a hurricane,” Biden said about Trump’s visit to Puerto Rico shortly after Maria. Biden also presented an economic recovery plan for the US Caribbean Sea Territory.

77-year-old Biden caused a sensation when he walked onto the stage at the meeting while his phone played last year’s Spanish-language summer hit Despacito. Shortly before, he had been introduced by singer Luis Fonsi, who made the song with reggaeton artist Daddy Yankee.

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