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Biden Fears Supreme Court Would Also Ban Same-Sex Marriage or Contraceptives After Abortion


When the U.S. Supreme Court overturns the landmark 1973 Roe versus Wade ruling, which federally guarantees abortion, President Joe Biden fears it won’t stop there. The Democrat predicts on CNN that gay marriage and access to contraception will also become more complex.


The Women’s Health Protection Act was voted down in the US on Wednesday, much to Democrats’ dismay. They wanted to enshrine the right of access to abortion in federal law and guarantee the right of health care providers to perform an abortion. It would be a solution for the US Supreme Court to overturn the historic ‘Roe versus Wade’ ruling from 1973. If that happens, individual states will set their own abortion policies.

President Joe Biden expressed disappointment that the bill was voted down. “It’s not just about stripping a woman of her rights to her own body,” Biden said at a Democratic party rally in Chicago. “But also… Basically, they say there is no such thing as the right to privacy. If this happens, mark my words: they will also challenge the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage. And then about contraception.”

Biden is a devout Catholic and therefore personally opposed to abortion, but he has previously made it clear that he does not think he should impose his views on the rest of the world. He previously called destroying Roe versus Wade a “radical decision” that jeopardises a range of essential human rights. “We cannot let this happen,” he said on Wednesday.

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