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Biden Administration Works with Tech Sector on Cybersecurity


The US government is introducing new guidelines to improve the security of the technology supply chain. In addition, President Joe Biden called on private sector executives to raise the bar on cybersecurity.


Biden spoke to executives from major tech companies and from the financial sector at the White House. The companies also indicated that they would do more to address the growing threat of cyber attacks that affect the American economy.

The guidelines also apply to assessing the security of technology, including so-called open-source software, which gives users the opportunity, among other things, to improve and distribute software.

Microsoft, Google and Coalition, a cyber insurance provider, have pledged to participate in the new NIST-led initiative. Microsoft also announced that it would invest 20 billion dollars in cybersecurity in the coming years. That’s four times more than it had previously planned.

Cybersecurity is high on the Biden administration’s agenda, following a series of high profile attacks on several companies. Those attacks had consequences for, among other things, the fuel and food supply.

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