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Beijing Passes Law to Protect Whistleblowers


Beijing city government has passed a law to protect “non-malicious” medical whistleblowers.


The law comes after a storm of criticism earlier this year after the government punished doctors who warned about the coronavirus.

Doctor Li Wenliang said early on during the virus outbreak in Wuhan that the coronavirus was a lot more severe than the authorities suggested.

The authorities reprimanded him for “spreading rumours”. Shortly afterwards, Li himself died from the effects of the virus.

Other whistleblowers have told Chinese media they were also punished if they wanted to raise the virus with their bosses.

The new law should protect these people if it turns out afterwards that they were right. If it turns out thereafter that this is “false information”, they will still be punished.

A similar law has already been passed in the city of Shenzhen to protect doctors.

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