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Audacity Denies Making Spyware


After controversy over its updated terms of use, Audacity is forced to deny that it makes spyware. Instead, it is a misunderstanding, the company says.


An update to the terms of use of popular open-source audio editor Audacity has sparked a wave of protest among users in recent days, mainly targeting the new privacy rules. In the new conditions, Audacity states, for example, that data can be shared with WSM Group, the Russian infrastructure company of which Audacity has been a subsidiary since July.

The company that bought Audacity in April, The Muse Group, now reports that there is no spyware involved. “We don’t know anything about our users,” Daniel Ray, who heads strategy at Muse, told the BBC. “We don’t want any personal information about users; that’s of no use to us.”

According to Ray, Muse wants to make more updates for Audacity and send users to push notifications. According to the man, the terms of use were written ‘by and for lawyers’ and may not have been correctly understood ‘by the average person’. That’s a crazy way to admit that you let people draw things that are written vaguely and unclearly.

In particular, the rule that data can be collected at the request of police services or corporate lawyers gives some users the impression that space is already being made for, for example, investigations into copyright. Which according to Audacity is not the case; it just doesn’t say so in the text.

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