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Apple Settles with American App Makers, Pays 100 Million


Apple has settled with a group of American app makers. In a lawsuit, the developers claimed that the tech company overcharged for distributing their programs through the App Store. Apple will pay them a total of 100 million dollars.


The American developers will receive between $250 and $30,000 each. It is seen as a win for Apple because the company does not have to adjust its revenue model.

Companies must pay up to 30 percent commission to Apple for sales through the App Store. Apple has long been criticized for its high commission.

The matter led to a lingering lawsuit between the tech group and games company Epic Games, best known for the shooting game Fortnite. Epic Games accuses Apple of monopolistic behaviour and abuse of power. Epic decided to include its own payment system in its app last year.

Apple prohibits that in its terms of use and therefore removed Epic’s programs from the App Store. A US judge is currently considering the case.

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