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Apple Does Not Replace The Older MacBooks Keyboard


Apple does not Replace the older MacBooks Keyboard with an Improved new Model. MacBooks that qualify for free keyboard replacement do not get the new model with a protective layer against dust.


That’s what Apple says to MacRumors. Apple recently presented a new version of the MacBook Pro.

According to Apple, the new model has a quieter keyboard. When servicing company iFixit disassembled the new MacBook Pro, and it turned out that each key was provided with a thin, silicon edge.

That edge should presumably ensure that dust and crumbs do not fall under the keys of the MacBooks. Users complain about the essentials of recent MacBooks. The new butterfly mechanism seems to be unsafe to dust and crumbles, as a result of which keys sometimes get stuck or do not work correctly anymore.

The company does not speak of a design error despite several lawsuits. However, there is recently a free repair program for all MacBooks with the proper keyboard.

However, Apple’s MacBooks do not get the new keyboard with the extra protective layer, but the same type of manual that was already on the laptop.

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