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“Apple Adds New Reminders And Health Apps”


“Apple adds new Reminders and Health apps to iOS 13.” According to insiders, Apple is updating the Reminders and Health apps in iOS 13.


There has also been more leakage about watchOS 6.

The Health app will better reflect what the daily activity of users looks like in iOS 13, sources say.

A screen is also added for the hearing.

It states how loud music sounds through headphones and how loud the environment is.

Apple would also like to update the Reminders app, according to reports to better compete with other to-do apps in the App Store.

In the new app is a division into four parts: today’s tasks, all tasks,

 scheduled tasks and essential tasks. Users can also add colours.

Also states that iOS 13 does indeed get a dark mode, as was previously reported in rumours.

The iOS keyboard would be changed so that users can swipe to type words.

Apple also reportedly adds a feature for iPads that allows users to set an iPad as a second screen for the Mac.

People could also use their Apple Pencil.

MacOS gets its own Apple Music app
A separate Apple Music app would be added to the new version of macOS.

At the moment, that app is part of iTunes.

Apple also brings several iPad apps to the Mac. It would include the Podcast app.

Also, Apple adds screen time that enables users to see how long and how much time they spend on the Mac.

App Store on watchOS 6
Reportedly, Apple is renewing its watchOS operating system for the Apple Watch with new features.

For example, a separate App Store will be available on the Watch.

Currently, users can only install apps via the iPhone app.

Apple would also add Animoji and Memoji stickers to Apple Watch.

Also, users can record voice memos on the smartwatch, and it is likely to listen to audiobooks via the Watch via a separate Apple Books app.

New features for the different operating systems of Apple devices are announced each year at the WWDC developer conference.

This year the Keynote takes place on 3 June.

The software will be made available as a free update in the fall.

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