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An Australian will be Stuck in Israel for the Next 8,000 Years Because of Millions of Alimony


An Australian man will not be allowed to leave Israel for the next 8,000 years because he still has to pay spicy alimony to his ex. He will not be allowed to leave the country until he pays 2.1 million euros.


Noam Huppert must have wondered in recent years whether the divorce from his Israeli wife was all worth it. The Australian man (44) has been ‘stuck’ in Israel since 2013 with huge alimony of 2.1 million euros for his two sons. Until Huppert coughs up this amount, he cannot leave the country, not even for vacation or work. The end date of this confinement is 9999, or about eight thousand years from now.

Although the end date has a purely administrative function (it is the highest possible date in the online system), it is severe. According to an Australian news site, Huppert emigrated to Israel in 2012, where his ex had settled a year earlier with their two sons, who were three months and five years old at the time.

Under Israeli law, an employee of a pharmaceutical company must pay his ex $1,400 per month until the children are 18. Then, if he wants to go abroad in the meantime, he has to pay a sky-high deposit.

His former wife went to court in Israel in 2013 because Huppert did not meet his payment obligations. At the time, the court ruled in favour of the woman. “I have been imprisoned in Israel since 2013,” says Huppert, who has no prospect of improvement. According to the Australian, many more foreign men have this problem “because they have been married to an Israeli woman”.

At the time, the case received attention in the Israeli press, blogger Adam Herscu, among others, wrote a critical piece about it in the Times of Israel newspaper. “Whoever wants to start a family here would do well to know that men run the risk of being treated like criminals and sentenced to the role of visitor or ATM,” Herscu wrote of the family legislation that he believes to be “draconian” ‘ is.

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