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American President Donald Trump Does Not Like All Those Kneeling Athletes


American President Donald Trump does not like it; all those kneeling athletes.


Trump watched on TV on Monday evening as manager Gabe Kapler of baseball club San Francisco Giants and a few of the players all got down on one knee when the national anthem was played.

The Giants played an exhibition game against Oakland Athletics in an empty stadium, leading up to the new season in the Major League.

“I look forward to live sports. But whenever I see a player kneel during the national anthem, a sign of no respect for our state and our flag, the game is already over for me, ”Trump wrote on Twitter.

American footballer Colin Kaepernick was the first athlete in 2016 to protest on racism and police brutality against black Americans to kneel during the national anthem.

In recent weeks, this form of protest was taken over worldwide, following the death of George Floyd.

For example, most drivers kneel in Formula 1 before every race, and that also happens on a large scale in the already resumed American football competitions. Protests are also expected next week at the resumption of the NBA basketball league.

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